About me

I began writing as soon as I had figured out how to do it. I guess I must have been about six. During all my school years, I loved writing! Writing essays was my favorite and my poor teachers always got mile-long texts to wade through. Around fifth grade, my friend and I published our own magazine with short stories that we forced our friends to read. We worked very hard and sometimes wrote two or three short stories a day.

In addition to writing, I sang and played the piano. I sang in the school choir and mimed quite a lot with my jump rope in front of the mirror.
In seventh grade, me and a few other girls started a band. I wrote the songs, both music and lyrics, and my great dream was to become a pop star. I hung on to that dream for quite a lot of years, long enough to almost make it embarrassing …

In high school, I started writing music reviews for the local newspaper, Katrineholms-Kuriren – a perfect way of combining writing with my great interest in music. For a while, I was quite keen on becoming a music journalist (more like a “Plan B” in case I wouldn’t succeed in music). But when I went to college, I didn’t choose a journalist education. Instead, I took different courses in literary studies, media and communication. And it was about then I decided that I was going to work with books. (I wasn’t going to write books myself, but to work with other people’s texts.)

After my education in Lund I nagged until I got a trainee job at a publishing company in Malmö. I learned editing, proof reading and other stuff connected to publishing books. And I got to read a lot of great books at work! To become an editor at a publishing company became my new dream, and after a few years as a trainee and assistant, my dream came true.

I worked as an editor for children’s books for ten years before I had the idea to write a book myself. My first try was about four girls playing in a band (naturally!). It was called Bigheads and Guitar Gods and was published in 2006.
All in all, I wrote six books about the girls in the band called Starlight, and after that, things just have kept moving. The series Humleby Farm is about horses and the series Lundeby IK about soccer.

In 2006, I quit as an editor and started free-lancing full time. From autumn 2008, I almost solely work with writing, and it feels like I’ve found my dream job at last!

Name: Malin Maria Stehn
Born: 1969, in Boden (in the north of Sweden)
Grew up: in Katrineholm (close to Stockholm)
I live: in an old house outside Malmö (in the south of Sweden)
Family: married to Micke, kids Lukas (19) and Elvira (15)
Pets: When I was a kid, I tried everything: crab, canary, hamster, guinea pig, rabbit … Now we have a weird cat called Morris.
Education: humanities in high school (lots of language, not too much math), Master of Arts in literary studies at the University of Lund (and I’ve also studied media and communication, plus a little French)

I like to: be with family and friends, sing karaoke, putter about in the garden, listen to music, jog, bake, watch soccer, be outside – and a lot of other stuff!
I don’t like: cleaning (although I do it almost all the time since I want my house to be clean and nice), go to the dentist, read technical manuals
Am afraid of: diseases, global warming
Makes me glad: my family and all the nice people I know, coffee, nice music, funny TV shows
Makes me angry: injustices, grudging, hunger for power, racism, people who dismiss global warming
Am good at: running projects, writing rhymed joke song lyrics, worrying in advance
Am bad at: doing nothing, recognizing birds and flowers, solving technical problems
Favorite food: Italian and Lebanese. And all known forms of pie. By the way, herring is great!
Favorite man: Micke, whom I’m married to – isn’t it great?
Favorite beverage: coffee
Favorite candy: marshmallow Christmas elves, fudge
Favorite artist: Lots! Most of the new music that my kids introduce to me. Beatles and ABBA always hang in there.
Favorite film: After the wedding, The Party, Star Wars, the Madagascar films (Why don’t I watch films more often?)
Favorite writer: Astrid Lindgren, Håkan Nesser, Pija Lindenbaum, Majgull Axelsson and so on
Favorite book: Pippi Longstocking, Man without dog
Favorite place: At home on the porch a warm summer evening
Favoritesport: soccer (Favorite teams: the Swedish national team, Malmo FF and FC Rosengård.)
Favorite soccer player: Zlatan Ibrahimovic
Favorite animal: cat (but of course I like horses as well!)
Favorite flower: peony
Favorite article of clothing: jeans
Favorite pastime: writing lists of my favorite things